A prayer for our American healthcare heroes

To our neighbors, friends, and community members who are healthcare workers,

Thank you…

For leaving your home in a time of social distancing. For doing your sacred work of healing. For subduing your inevitable fears to do your job.

For your minds that find treatments. For your hands of healing. For your hearts of service.

For the sacrifices you have made throughout your lives and careers and for those you are making today and tomorrow.

May God grant you strength in your weary hours. May God grant you wisdom for the tough decisions you must make. May God grant you patience for when what you need is not readily available. Most of all, may God grant you and those you love health and long life.

May you be blessed to rejoice in the recuperation of your patients and may we all be able to celebrate together the end of this pandemic (in crowds of the size of our choosing).

We do not need to wait for Time Magazine’s 2020 Person of the Year for we know you are it.

Please let me know how I can help you and your family through this most challenging time.

(Day 3 of social distancing.)

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  • Kim Crunkleton Alix March 17, 2020

    Rabbi Judy,
    I have just discovered your site and so much of what you have said in your articles resonates within me. Thank you for your calming words that speak the truths.

    I fondly remember you and your boys, but the memory that stands out the most is of you being one of the kindest parents driving through the Ferry Boats of many years ago. I wish for you and your family health and happiness on your journies ahead.

    Warmest wishes,

    kim alix, LS Science Lab PDS

    • Rabbi Judith Schindler March 18, 2020

      And I remember you as a passionate and excellent teacher who brings heart and soul to her work! Stay safe and healthy.

  • Faith Fellman March 19, 2020

    Rabbi Judy,
    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for the medical professionals. As my husband works each day at a clinic, we hope that he does not come in direct contact with the virus and/or bring it home to our family members. I know everyone in the medical profession and the staff at clinics, hospitals, etc. are concerned about the same. Please continue to keep them all in your prayers during this pandemic.

    • Rabbi Judith Schindler March 19, 2020

      Thank you for the sacrifices your husband and you are making. You are in my prayers.

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