A Prayer for our Shalom Park Garden

In this garden may all things grow…

May seeds of a lifetime of loving our earth be planted and the roots to generations before us be found

May awe be inspired and flowers of friendship blossom

May the fruits of our work be shared generously and lift and brighten lives.

May our partnership with others be affirmed and may connections be made between our Charlotte home and our historic home in Israel

May the most important lesson of Genesis be learned… It is up to us to be partners with God in completing creation and sustaining our earth protecting our environment and healing our earth is literally in our hands

May the work of all who plant her and who labor here be blessed.

Note: The idea for this garden was conceived on a hike up Masada. Connections were made, passions were ignited, generosity was shared and this environmental initiative was born. Shalom Green recently completed its Shalom Park Community Garden expansion project. The expected annual yield will increase by 30 percent, meaning they’ll be able to donate an additional 100 pounds of fresh produce to our community each year!

Image from Unsplash.com by Markus Spiske

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