Hate is strong, we are far stronger

Another sacred day. Another sacred space. Another assault rifle in the hands of a hater shattering our sanctuary, shattering our time of sanctity, and our sense of safety.

Schools. Houses of worship. Lockdowns. Sirens. Synagogues. Death. Silence. Sadness. A sense of futility.

Lori Kaye stood up as a shield – taking a bullet for her clergy and for her faith. On the 8th and final day of Passover celebrating heroism prevailing over hate, Lori Kaye stood up.

In her memory, let us stand up too – with our words, with our ideas, with our bodies. In her memory, let us stand up for our faith, for all faiths, for the freedoms and diversity on which our country was built. Let us stand up against hate, against violence, against White Nationalism.

Let us never become numb to terror, unfeeling in the face of devaluing rhetoric, silent in the face of ceaseless, senseless shootings. Let us never surrender when looking down the metaphoric barrels of antisemitism, Islamophobia, racism, homophobia, and xenophobia.

For if we tire, the shooter succeeds and all that each of holds sacred is lost. While hate is strong, we are far stronger. The fight is far too important to give up. For if we do — the cost of complacency will be far greater than we ever could have imagined.

Photo by Joe Pregadio

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