The Coronathon – the marathon we did not sign up for

We are at the start of a marathon for which we had no prep and no training. Some of us don’t run. Some of us can’t run. Some of us don’t want to run. But all of us are in it. The horn was sounded and off we go.

Here are some lessons from marathon runners to guide us:

Be prepared to say goodbye to your social life. Marathon runners have to say “I think I can” to the steps ahead and “I can’t” to so many of the social plans they once had.

Discipline. Distance running demands dedication and focus. So does our collective confronting of the Corona virus. Create structure to your day. (Getting out of pajamas is highly recommended.)

Hydrate and fuel. Drinking water, eating healthfully, and resting up will enable us to encounter the uncertain terrain ahead.

Don’t get greedy. You can’t go from running ten miles to twenty.

Set your goals. Use the time productively to tackle that long put off project.

Be aware of your limits.  Embrace opportunities to help those in greater need while ensuring your own and your family’s safety.*

Give yourself a mental break. Shut off the news.  Enjoy music or the nature around you.

They say there are stages to a marathon: nervousness, denial, shock, isolation, despair, the wall, questioning our sanity, affirmation and community – you are not running this alone.

The marathon we are running might feel longer than 26.2 miles and will be longer than 26.2 days, but we will get through it. Set by step. Mile by mile. And together we will celebrate at the finish line.

[*to volunteer to distribute food at one of the seventy CMS school distribution sites in Charlotte or to learn more about supporting our community’s most critical needs email].

Day Five of Social Distancing. Photo by Sporlab.

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  • Ann Hannah March 18, 2020

    Thank you Rabbi Judy for your inspirational thoughts. Keep them coming !!💕

    • Rabbi Judith Schindler March 18, 2020

      Thanks for all you taught my boys!

  • Bernie Goldberg March 18, 2020

    More words of wisdom. Thank you.

    • Rabbi Judith Schindler March 19, 2020

      Send my love to your parents!

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