Corona – the test

As I began revising a test to give my students to evaluate their learning this semester, I got to thinking about the test of Corona.


a test of our patience – how long can we endure?

a test of our faith – when will it end? how will it end?

a test of our strength – following our intellect and distancing when our heart is telling us otherwise.

a test of our creativity – how can we fill our days and our lives? how can we best help in a way that is safe for ourselves and safe for others?

a test of our resilience – how much will our community lose and can we bounce back?

a test of our kindness – can we give to others even when we are concerned with ourselves?

And of sympathy – can we be with others in their pain, loss and fear while struggling on our own?

The ultimate lesson is that we are interconnected. Corona is a test of our wisdom. Can we learn that our actions have consequences for our neighbors.

Failure means continuing to live alone and in isolation. Success means celebrating our local and global community. Will we pass or will we fail?

Photo by Chris Liverani. Day 18 of social distancing.

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