Feeling guilty about not marching?

So many of you are saying with guilt, “I wish I could get out to protest, but I can’t because I am concerned about COVID-19.” Please do not feel guilty. You do not need to risk your health by protesting. Those of us who have been out have been asked to take COVID-19 tests out of concern that we have been exposed.

You can protest in so many others.

Protest with your money – boycott institutions who are not on board with this racial justice revolution in which we now find ourselves. Invest in causes moving forward the work – especially those that are Black led.

Protest with your vote – get engaged and support candidates who reflect your values. Research your ballot thoroughly and thoughtfully several weeks in advance and find out what each candidate stands for and is behind.

Protest with your voice – post and speak out against racist stereotypes when you hear them and help others to understand the systems of racism that continue to shackle and harm our Black and brown siblings.

Protest with your creativity – with your art, poetry, writing, music, face masks, clothing, signs on your car windows, social media… [fill in the blank].

Protest with your love – expand your circle to include far more people.

For your prayerful pleasure, enjoy this new video just released by my friend Beth Schafer. [Click here]

For your weekend plans, put Sunday evening at 6:00 pm on your schedule to hear my colleague in activism, Hannah Hasan, with a group of 10 storytellers on Facebook Live for the storytelling production: The Weapons of Whiteness. Or engage these dynamic artists to present this program for your organization.

To support the work of truth, restorative justice and reconciliation in Charlotte visit Restorative Justice CLT.

[Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuanona]

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