Hurricane Florence and Pondering on Preparing for a Storm

As a storm threatens our North Carolina coast,
and we watch trackers and satellites,
predictions and evacuations,
one wonders whether one can really be prepared for a storm.

Closed roads on the coast,
closed campuses, schools, and offices.
Canceled classes, lectures, and programs
Preparations for citizens, college students, the elderly,
those who are alone.

Will the winds destroy or will the tempest diminish in strength?
Will the rains abate and will the waters flood?
Will the aged trees that adorn our city be uprooted
or are their roots strong enough to endure?
Will our coastal towns be devastated?
Will darkness cover our cities for days?

Be prepared they tell us:
Batteries, flashlights,
water, food, gas,
charged cell phones
with plans for conservation.

In the calm before the storm,
one wonders whether one can really be prepared.

As we retreat into the arks of our homes or those of our friends
or the shelters of our community
let us recognize the resources we have and will need to share:
friendship, connections, community.

Duke energy tells us to be prepared for 3-4 days without power.
Be prepared to rely on a different type of power and light –
your own internal power and light
and be prepared to share it with one another.

[Above photo by Bartosz Kwitkowski]

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