Moving to mobilization – are you in?

It has become clear that we need a campaign to support our healthcare workers in their war on Corona. They are on the frontlines fighting the war on Covid-19 and do not have what they need to keep themselves, their families, or their patients safe.

  • Gloves, masks, eye protection, ventilators
  • Labs to channel efforts for vaccine research and antiviral treatment research
  • Communications systems so that they can share best practices not only on social media but on their own networks

They are our neighbors, the mothers and fathers of our kids’ friends, our congregants. As they fight this virus inside our hospitals, we can fight this battle on the outside for them. As we move to mobilization are you in and what can you bring to the work?

…Meanwhile (in the words of late night television host Stephen Colbert), North Carolina Senator Burr on February 18th sold between $628,000 to 1.7 million dollars worth of stock (including stock in Wyndham Hotels and Extended Stay America) and in late February told a small group of well-connected constituents that the pandemic we are facing is akin to the 1918 Flu pandemic that stole 50 million lives. Why was he not telling us? Apparently, lawmakers from both parties did the same.

Day 7 of Social Isolation. Photo by CDC.

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