Our Prayers at the Dawn of New Jewish Year

Today marks the Jewish New Year of 5783. At this dawn of a new year…

We pray for Ukraine and for its people to blessed with peace. May this year witness a reunification of Ukrainian families and return of those refugees who desire to rebuild their homes and lives.

We pray for the citizens of Russia who are fleeing military conscription.  May their voices become a powerful and compelling choir calling for and succeeding in creating an end to this senseless war.

We pray for women’s rights, as we stand with women protesting in Iran for freedom to dress as they choose and to pursue the education they deserve. We stand with women in our own country, whose access to reproductive healthcare is being dangerously curtailed.

We pray for the world’s health – that eyes may be opened to climate change that is killing our neighbors and threatening the future of us all. May there be a collective and global will to abandon deadly ways and commit completely to renewable energy that will bring us toward repair. We pray for our global economy – may it be strong so that all can have food to eat, homes in which to live, and healthcare to keep them well and whole.

We pray for Israelis and for Palestinians– may each people have its peaceful home and may their cooperation enrich and inspire all.

We pray for the safety of our United States – that children may study in school, religious groups may worship in sanctuaries, and people may enjoy shopping and gatherings without fear of facing violence.

We pray for our democracy — for it is fragile. May reasoned minds on all sides of the political spectrum stand together to protect it.

We pray that hearts feeling hate toward “the other” be turned to recognize the humanity of all.

We pray for ourselves – for health and for joy.

May 5783 be a good year for us and for the world.

Image by Megs Harrison. Unsplash.com.

Many thanks for Julie Dalli for her hand in editing this post.

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  • Ann Seagle September 26, 2022

    Perfect prayer. Thank u.

  • Stefan Pienkny September 26, 2022

    Ken Yehi Ratzon

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