Passover, Easter, the sun, the moon and shared light

I woke up this morning thinking about my Christian neighbors, colleagues, and friends whose holiday of Easter will not be the same but filled with beauty, light, and meaning nonetheless.

Here are my reflections on Passover, Easter, the sun, the moon and shared light.

Both Passover and Easter have to occur after the spring equinox and both are connected to the full moon. This year, we had the earliest spring we’ll ever see in our lives. We needed that early celebration of the renewal of nature. This year, our holidays surrounded a new moon that was called a super moon – the biggest, brightest and largest new moon of the year. We need that expanded light.

Just as the sun shares its light with the moon and is in no way diminished, may, we too, share our light with the world.

[Photo by Chip and Alec Wallach.]

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