Pray for the peace of our country

Take time today to pray. Take time tomorrow to vote (if you haven’t already). And the day after, make time to be civically engaged. Our country and our future depend on all of us.

Source of all life, we pray for our country, and its democracy; for peaceful and fair elections; for calm in our homes, in our cities, and in our nation.

The watchword of the Jewish faith, the shema, means listen. It affirms the oneness of God reflected in the oneness of humanity.

God, help us to listen to our neighbors — to hear and be heard. Help us to see the oneness of our country which requires collaboration and finding common ground to move forward.

Source of wholeness, where there is brokenness bring restoration; where there is illness bring healing; where there is strife bring reconciliation.

How blessed we are to live in a democracy where we can vote for our leaders and even run to lead ourselves. May our actions merit its continuation.

May those who are elected to lead us be blessed with wisdom and strength; with a commitment to listening, to leading, and to being a unifying force; and may be worthy partners.

Images by Dan Dennis and Toa Heftiba

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