Sacred Intersections of Time

Today we celebrate a sacred intersection of time.

Our Jewish siblings are the midst of Passover
celebrating promises of redemption —
awakening ancient memory and creating memory
connecting age-old journeys to today
“Egypts” of oppression still exist
calling for collective action

Our Muslim siblings are fasting
and at sunset, feasting,
Similarly surrounding tables for Ramadan,
nightly Iftar meals breaking fasts —
a month-long, moon cycle ascension
in generosity, learning, holiness

Our Christian siblings are
enjoying Easter observances
Celebrating, the promise of life after death,
Renewal after loss.
Sacrifice, salvation, spring.

Muslims, Jews, Christians.
Wrapped in holy time
Bound in hope, community, commitment
to actualize liberation through daily acts,
embodying hope
making peace real
around us, among us, in our world.

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