Simplicity – Full Stop

We hesitate to reflect on silver linings, fearful of what tomorrow might bring.

We appreciate the simplicity of today, recognizing the ways in which we have been held in bondage by our busyness and weighed down by our materials. The swift pace of our lives led us to lose our centeredness and to lose sight of our priorities.

Life went from non-stop to full stop.

Full stop. The period at the end of a sentence.

Full stop. Meaning what has been said is complete. No fine print nor hedging are needed. What was said stands on its own.

Full stop. The state of our lives and the world in battling Covid-19 with every tool that we have – medical, economic, social, faith.

In Hebrew, the word for simplicity is “histapkut” from the root meaning “enough.” With our health, we have enough. With food, we have enough. With family or friends, we have enough. With a roof over our heads, we have enough.

When Covid-19 releases its tight grip upon our lives, may we remember what is enough for us today, and may we ensure that the simple and the basics are there for others.

With healthcare, with food, with housing, others in our nation will have enough, too. Full stop.

[Day 6 of social distancing.]

Photo by Nadine Shaabana

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  • Peter Gill March 19, 2020

    Wise words, Namaste 🙏

    • Rabbi Judith Schindler March 19, 2020


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