thanksgiving – an equation


an equation
of what I have lost versus what I have
and embracing the blessings before me

seemingly unsolvable
profound pain friends feel –
lost spouses, lost children,
leaving vast and agonizing voids
no words can fill

an imbalance
of injustice
faces, stories,
devastation behind headlines
requiring huge numbers to create solutions

journeys that have been and can be
landing on American soil,
finding freedom, celebrating freedom
creating freedom by finding the numbers
to pass laws that protect.

a two part process – thanks and giving
reckoning and reconciling
working to right what is wrong
to make the equation work
not only for me but for others

God, may I live my gratitude by giving
support to the sorrowing,
voice on behalf of the oppressed,
vision for righting local and global wrongs,
money and time to causes that embody my values,
love and presence to those I care about.

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