Thanksgiving: Make this Holiday Holy by Rabbi Judy Schindler


for all I have
Blessings too great
to name and number
freedom and food, shelter,
love and life

No material gifts are needed
No shopping at malls is required for today’s celebration
Just presence
shared with those
who matter most

Joy of feeling blessed
commingled with sadness
for those who are living with
loneliness, sorrow, terror
without homes or jobs,
or without the loved ones
they’ve recently
and painfully lost.

That’s why the words
are married:
thanks with giving

Our blessings are shared
our sorrow is softened
our guilt for having
while others haven’t
is lessened
when we give

Lift up your eyes and see
another soul who needs you

Lift up the phone
and hear and help heal another
who is lonely or in pain

Lift up your hands
with kindness and compassion.

Lift up an offering of gratitude
(making modern the ancient Levitical thanksgiving sacrifice)
by making a donation
of your time and/or money
to help another
and have thanks.

Make this holiday holy
by marrying
gratitude with giving.

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