The new, tough conversation we need to have with our kids who are young adults

To our children,

We are so sorry that your lives have been turned upside down. We know that so many of your plans have been disrupted and you are disappointed. We are looking forward to this pandemic passing and we already know that this chapter of global history is one that you will share with future generations.

We are, today in the States, where Italy was ten days ago. They learned some lessons the hard way.

Ten days ago, they didn’t take this seriously.

Ten days ago, they said to themselves, “We are young. We are invincible.” They dined at restaurants, socialized at bars, and got together for parties. 

They tragically learned that the process of containing the Coronavirus through social distancing depends on them. Low risk individuals can easily expose high risk individuals to the virus.  Too many, becoming sick too quickly, will stretch their hospitals beyond capacity.   

Our Italian peers are now realizing that their actions were short-sighted and they unknowingly endangered their neighbors’ lives.  One Italian journalist wrote, “Many of us were too selfish to change our behavior. Now we’re in lockdown and people are needlessly dying.”

You, who live so effectively on social media, please show the world how to party virtually — creatively and safely — so that we can ride out this storm speedily and get back to enjoying sports, concerts, our social lives, our families, and each other more fully.

Thank you for leading the way.

(Day 2 of social distancing.)

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  • MAD March 15, 2020

    Excellent. Thank you.

    • Rabbi Judith Schindler March 18, 2020

      Sending prayers for strength your way. Let me know how I can use my voice to support the critical work the YMCAs are doing.

  • Carissa March 17, 2020

    Thank you Rabbi Judy. Thank you for
    Your words of wisdom and for having this platform so that no matter where we live we can still have connection with you!👩🏼‍💻stay healthy

    • Rabbi Judith Schindler March 18, 2020

      Send your family my love!

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