The Real Me

Without hair color, our age will be shown. Without a uniform of suits heading to work, our everyday garb will be revealed. Without daily routines of shaving, mens’ beards will be increasing. No manicures, no pedicures, no haircuts — real nails and unstyled hair.

Au naturel is in vogue. We have no choice. We are getting real.

Late night show hosts without audiences are struggling to know if their jokes are funny. News anchors without hairstylists and makeup artists are unpolished. Famous personalities hosting from their rustic backyards rather than in perfectly styled studios are authentic.

Facebook Live and Zoom are giving us a lens into the living rooms of our favorite entertainers. Classes taught by professors and teachers show us their everyday kitchen tables.

Without retail stores our choices are from our closets. Without outside appointments our opportunities for casual social contact no longer exist. We have to be intentional with our connections and real with our conversations – one-on-one and perhaps, even, heart-to-heart.

We have to find meaning in the moment, purpose in the plain, and a relationship with the real.

[Photo taken by me of me. No need to worry about copyright infringement for who would copy this?]

Day 8 of social distancing. Day 1 of self-quarantine due to potential exposure – not deeply worried.

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  • Lorrie Klemons March 21, 2020

    It’s Shabbos. And it’s been a Shabbos week. Thank you for your insight, your empathy, your wisdom, and your friendship and leadership during these dismal days.

    • Rabbi Judith Schindler March 21, 2020

      Shabbat Shalom umevorach!

  • elisa March 21, 2020

    You always have words of wisdom to carry us from dark times to light….

  • Mindy Passe March 21, 2020

    I have always known and loved the real you. Thanks for your wisdom and heart,

    • Rabbi Judith Schindler March 22, 2020

      I love the real you too!

      • Daniel Syme March 24, 2020

        Beautiful writing Rabbi!☀️ I send my love!


        • Rabbi Judith Schindler March 24, 2020

          Great to hear from you! Thanks for the compliment. I hope you are hanging in there.

  • Sandra Weinstein March 21, 2020

    Rabbi JUDY, you are the best ! I am always listening to your comments and do believe your
    Intentions are correct, whatever you offer !!!

    • Rabbi Judith Schindler March 22, 2020

      Sending love your way.

  • Steven J Muhlfelder March 21, 2020

    Even from 600 mikes away, your unvarnished view of your life and the current world we are living in is refreshing, but, coming from you, not surprising, Shabbat Shalom!

  • Susan Coen March 22, 2020

    Thank you for your wisdom and honesty during this difficult time. You made my day brighter.

  • Debby Rosenberger March 22, 2020

    Was panicking about nails and hair. Thank you for making me more thoughtful about my priorities. This is definitely a time for me to pause and reflect.
    Please be well.

  • Art Gallagher March 22, 2020

    God Bless Rabbi Judy!

    • Rabbi Judith Schindler March 23, 2020

      Thanks for all you have done for our community.

  • Joy Nelson March 22, 2020

    This Christian has not had any makeup on for the last week. You know what? I’m ok with it. I enjoyed the Rabbi’s earlier comments on the opportunities offered by our current Coronavirus situation.
    Peace and grace,
    Chaplain Joy Nelson

    • Rabbi Judith Schindler March 23, 2020

      Thanks for doing your important work.

  • Stan Greenspon March 22, 2020

    Frankly my dear.,I think you look damn good..maybe,you’re finally getting a little rest.ive sent your comments to my soon,stan

    • Rabbi Judith Schindler March 23, 2020

      You are too kind. I am getting rest and hope you are too.

  • Jane Mc Veigh March 23, 2020

    Rabbi Judy, I do notice appearances. Your face and hair look great. Your smile is beautiful. AND, your dress or blouse matches your towels. Did you realize? I love both!! Small beauties are my go to gratitudes these days and always…blooming daffodils and forsythia, cherry trees and magnolias, lenten roses and witch hazel trees., Rabbi Judy’s towels and tops. An abundance of delights for the eye.

    • Rabbi Judith Schindler March 23, 2020

      I hadn’t realized my shirt matched my towels! I was actually still in my pajamas when I snapped a photo of the real me. Thanks for your kindness. Keep appreciating the beauty around you.

  • Carol Sandler March 29, 2020

    Thank you,Judy, for reminding us what is important- and real!

    • Rabbi Judith Schindler March 29, 2020

      We miss you here. I am sending love your way.

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